I search constantly world-wide for ancestor as well as for descendant of members
of the family
Schmiderer, or Schmiederer..
.. correctly read, also Schmiederer, because in nearly all lines were used in
   former times both write variants.

I use the shorter variant however on these sides only.

The following variants of surname are still found:
Smidarn, Schmider, Schmieder, Schmidter, Schmeiderer, Schmiterer,

Do you want to find more out over your ancestors and your descent? Do you look for relatives, which you do not know yet? Or do you need a hobby, which does not only employ you a few weeks, but becomes from day to day more interesting and more exciting? Then you are here exactly correct!

Informative over the conditions of my research and the family tree lines of the family Schmiderer.

Excerpt from the federal data security and the federal's archives law.

Are you also a Schmiderer? Do you have an enamel address or a Homepage? I place your Schmiderer linking gladly here purely.

Much fun wish you

Martin & Helmut Schmiderer